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BOBCAT® Products

Since 2007 | 0% Interest Financing Available | Family Owned

Welcome the "New" BOBCAT Company

In 2020 the BOBCAT skid loader company purchased the BOB-CAT mower company----all of their factories and products.  They began building the 2021 models with their traditional colors: white, orange & charcoal---they look FANTASTIC!  They also beefed up mower decks adding strength for durability. Come see them and drive them today!

Trust BOBCAT® for All of Your Lawn Care Needs


With each mower that BOBCAT® makes, they strive to provide the best in quality of cut, durability and ease of ownership. When you purchase a BOBCAT® lawn mower from Hooper Power Equipment, you can count on it to get the job done.


Combining innovative technology, quality materials, expert design and a fierce desire to be the best, BOBCAT® provides you with a result to trust when it matters the most. Stop by our shop today and check out our selection of high-quality BOBCAT® products.

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