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Prices vary per mower model.

Tired of blowing grass into your mulch and plant beds or having to blow grass off your sidewalk and driveway?

GrassFlaps are Operator Controlled Discharge Chutes (OCDC) operated with a FOOT PEDAL. With it you can block the discharge chute on most any Zero Turn lawnmower. Our designs have been field-tested by local mowing crews to ensure that they work. Durability, convenience, and fair-pricing are important.

Many OCDC are operated by hand requiring you to remove your hand from the ZTR mower’s control lever.  Grass Flap’s foot-operated device is quick and more suitable for your fast-moving style.

Hooper Power Equipment can order and install a GrassFlap on your mower (most brands available) for a reasonable fee.  The one pictured above shows the average price for the GrassFlap, but prices vary according to your mower brand and deck size.

You can order direct from GrassFlap or we will get it for you at the same price they show on

Call Hooper Power Equipment for cost and availability 615-225-5015.

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